In addition to the design, implementation is also of great importance. The right material and the perfect finish will make the difference! Designstar uses the latest printing techniques and materials of the highest quality. From millions of labels to one photo card, we develop your products with the utmost care. Discover our possibilities and materials on the following pages.



Each application has its own ideal material. For example, the material for a stake label differs from that for a pot cover. A stake label must be ridged so that it easily protrudes into the pot. A pot cover, however, needs to be smooth, to form nicely around the pot.
Most materials are available in a variety of thickness. Not only labels and pot covers as well as the photo cards and banners are available in a beautiful glossy appearance, but also with a sleek matte appearance. This is how we give the right look and feel to every product.


PLM BIO is developed for environmentally conscious clients who want to use biodegradable products. PLM BIO is specially designed for the horticulture sector and exclusively available at Designstar. The material is fully biodegradable and FSC certified.

  • Biodegradable

  • Ecologically responsible

  • FSC certified

  • Recyclable (Paper)

  • Natural look

  • Various weights (gram)

  • Moisture-resistant

  • Dutch product


PLM-Top (Plant Label Material) is an excellent choise for environmentally-friendly customers who want to use environmentally responsible products! The material for PLM-Top has been specially designed by Designstar for the floriculture based on wishes and needs of our customers. The (base of the) material is made from natural renewable rescources (FSC) and is suitable for recycling.

  • Beautiful appearance
  • Tear-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Ecologically responsible
  • Cheaper than plastic
  • FSC certified basic material
  • Recyclable rescources
  • Exclusively available for Designstar customers


Besides a beautiful design and the right choice of material, the final finishing touches are also essential. That’s why you can choose between different sticks, which each have their own benefits. When using the Labelsupport® it’s possible to mount your label in four different ways. This allows you to give each of your products the best possible presentation. Besides mounting on sticks and bunching, the labels will be packed properly in handy boxes. Pot covers are delivered fully mounted, ready for usage. This is thanks to the work of our employees at the social work place. And we’re very proud of them!

‘De Noordpoel’ Nursery uses our 3-pin Labelsupport®. Their labels are mounted on two pins, making them standing upright on the 3-pin Labelsupport®. A must-have for each label line!


Underneath you’ll find a small selection of the available mounting possibilities. Your account manager is pleased to provide you with more information about the best possible solution for your product!