Project Description

Special shoot for a unique label!

Designstar has been commissioned by – customer of the first hour – Snepvangers tuinplanten B.V. to develop a new line of labels. The client had specific wishes with regards to photography. Our photography department has started working enthusiastically on this!

A nice atmosphere picture, done in black and white, is the basis of the label. In addition, all plants are photographed at their best stage in our photo studio. These photos are placed in color for the black-and-white photo. This allows the appropriate plant species to jump ‘out of the picture! In addition, a nice close-up image of the relevant plant species has been added to each label, which completes the picture. You can now see at a glance how the plant shows up close, but also how it will look “totally” in your garden!
To further enhance this effect, parts of the label are provided with dripp-off. This means that certain parts are glossy and others are matte. With this, the labels become an real eye-catchers, which do justice to the wonderful products they are.

Snepvangers Tuinplanten B.V. has chosen to also use photography for their truck. As far as we are concerned, the results are impressive!

Mark Boemaars, sales bij Snepvangers Tuinplanten B.V.: “We are very happy with the new look of our label line. On the back we show a number of suggestions for each label for the rest of our range. Our customers are very enthusiastic and find the labels refreshing, new and original.”

Do you have special photography wishes? Or do you want to know what the possibilities are in this area? Designstar is happy to think along with you. Feel free to contact one of our account managers. They are happy to discuss the options with you without obligation.