Project Description


PT Creations
PT-Creations is a modern company in which a surprising collection is put together with innovative and contemporary ideas. With a wide variety of products, PT-Creations is a supplier for various sales channels, such as garden centres, florists, exporters, retailers, wholesalers and line drivers.

PT label ‘By Marleen’
For various products, PT-Creations was looking for three unique label lines in various themes, including “By Marleen”. A unique design would be particularly important for the “By Marleen” label. This unique line is slightly different from the other lines, but it had to have a chic look. Together with PT-Creations, it was decided to place the PT logo surrounded by small icons that refer to the relevant season of the year. The “By Marleen” labels come into their own with the arrangements of PT-Creations. We had these labels printed on our own biodegradable material. A beautiful and durable product!