Project Description

100% biodegradable label, 100% recycled glass, 100% top-arrangement

100% biodegradable label, 100% recycled glass, 100% top-arrangement

PT-Creations is a dynamic, modern company with its own import, its own tree nursery, flower bulbs in pots and a very professional production line. They pay a lot of attention to the various beautiful arrangements that are made. The packages are based both on the seasons and on themes such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the holidays.

PT-Creations pays a lot of attention to the environment. Through the use of solar panels, LED lighting, waste separation and a combined heat and power connection, they have been awarded the MPS-GAP certificate. In line with this, they also look at how they can continue to produce in an environmentally conscious way.

Designstar has been able to offer good support in the labels there. On our sustainable 100% biodegradable material PLM-BIO we have designed a beautiful label for the Glass Botanical line. The label has a natural look and feel and fits perfectly with the 100% recycled glass and the rest of the package.

Fun fact: Did you know that our PLM-BIO-material is white? The cardboard-look is printed.

If you want to know more about our (sustainable) materials, look at our materials page

If you want to see more of PT-Creations, watch this beautiful corporate movie.

Corporate movie