Project Description

New website for ERES Boomverzorging

In addition to labels and other promotional materials, Designstar can also help you design your website. For example, we recently delivered the renewed website for ERES Boomverzorging.

Designstar has been providing the complete corporate identity of ERES for many years, which has now also been implemented on the website. This is entirely set up in WordPress, the open source Content Management System (CMS) in which the website can be maintained in a user-friendly manner.

The customer’s wish was to display the information in a structured manner per service, which we achieved by giving the structure of these different pages a similar layout to increase clarity and findability.

The texts and layout of the website have been reviewed and further optimized for search engines such as Google (SEO). The website is responsive and therefore easy to read on various media such as desktop and mobile. In addition, we have supported and advised the customer with the transition and setup to a new hosting, where is now running successfully.

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ERES Boomverzorging (tree care) is, as the name suggests, a tree care specialist. You have come to the right place for information, advice and implementation for both private and business when it comes to planting, pruning, care and removal of trees. In addition to the website, Designstar also designs flyers and the lettering of the cars and trucks for ERES.

In addition to all tree care, you can also order firewood from ERES Boomverzorging. This is easy to order via the special contact form.

The fresh appearance in combination with the robust image material makes it an attractive website.

Especially in these times, having an attractive, user-friendly website is very important! Are you interested? We would be happy to share thoughts this with you. Contact one of our account managers and inquire about the possibilities without obligation.