Project Description

Project FleuraTerrazza®

Designstar has been allowed to make all design for the new FleuraTerrazza® concept from Climbing plant Nursery Van der Starre. Climbing plants of all kinds are used as a basis for the FleuraTerrazza® plants. These can be placed on the table, on the floor and next to the front door. In addition to a fresh and contemporary label (with a unique punching form), all other POS materials have also been developed to support sales on the specially designed 3D table.

Recently, the FleuraTerrazza® Event days were held at Van der Starre. The new concept was presented there for the first time. Beautiful plants solitaire in pot sizes 3, 5 and 12 liters for on terrace and balcony. During the 35th edition of Plantarium (23-26 August 2017) this concept was also crowned with the press prize!


  • Project: FleuraTerrazza®

  • Customer: Van der Starre

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