Project Description

Premium-label Lavendelplus on silver laminate

How do you emphasize that a particular type is extra special within an assortment? This question we received from Lavendelplus. Within their assortment, which is known for the quality and the availability of large pot sizes, we have designed a Premium label for the Lavandula Essence Purple. This label is printed on silver laminate, which has a distinguished look. To emphasize the “plus” it has been prominently placed in a golden circle. Through the use of silver laminate, the golden edge and the circle shape, the consumer sees that she has a quality product in her hands.

Due to the shiny effect of the silver laminate, these labels always stand out!
The labels are attached to our Labelsupport® 25cm, therefor they are always presented neatly.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of printing on silver laminate? Then contact one of our accountmanagers.