Project Description

Potcovers Snacker! Funfoods

Designstar has been commissioned by Plant nursery Van der Lugt B.V. to design and produce pot covers for the Snacker® picking vegetable concept. The colorful and striking Snacker® pot covers are made entirely from the sustainable PLM-TOP.

The environmentally-friendly and responsible PLM-Top (Plant Label Material) is FSC-approved, has extremely durable properties and is extremely suitable for potcover applications.

Plant nursery Van der Lugt B.V. from Bleiswijk, offers a wide range of picking vegetables in a snack format with this healthy and award-winning concept of Snacker® funfoods,. In this way children can get acquainted with the different vegetables in a playful way. This way fresh snacking is not only healthy, but also very tasty and educational!

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  • Customer: Plant nursery Van der Lugt B.V.

  • Product: Potcovers Snacker!® Funfoods
  • Website: