Project Description

New sales concept for So Natural

Designstar has developed a complete sales concept for the Phalaenopsis on behalf of So Natural.

Due to large amount of Phalaenopsis that is on the market, prices have been under pressure for years. And that while the Phalaenopsis growers are often some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in flower and plant land. Delivering a high-quality and distinctive product is essential in this market.

With the new concept lines that can be supplied for each separate color as well as for mixes, So Natural certainly makes this happen. The Phalaenopsis is not only fun to buy, it is even more fun to give! Three distinctive lines have been chosen. With the “So Smart” baseline, the Phalaenopsis will be sold with a matching label. “So Special” makes the Phalaenopsis a gift through the use of a chic pot cover and label. If desired, both lines can be supplied with biodegradable labels and pot covers, printed on PLM BIO.

“So Brilliant” is the most exclusive variant. A luxury pot cover printed on silver laminate and matching label make this long and abundant bloomer a real eye catcher.

In addition to these three 12 cm lines, also a 6 cm Phalaenopsis – with biodegradable pot cover – is available.

Are you ready for the next step? The most creative designers are eager to make a proposal for you. Our experienced account managers are happy to discuss the possibilities with you without any obligation.

Martin Smaal, managing director at So Natural: “We have found a partner in Designstar who can fully unburden us. The first step in a close partnership has been taken!”


  • Photo: Account manager Joey Blom symbolically hands over the first pot cover to Martin Smaal. Towards a successful collaboration!

  • Client: So Natural

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