Project Description

New labels for Jungheim

Designstar designed new Stitch labels for 5 liter Fruit plant line for one of our costumers: Jungheim.

The plants in this line are of extra heavy quality. What makes these fruit plants extra special, is that you don’t necessarily need a garden to enjoy them. They are also extremely suitable for use on the terrace. A nice fit with the look of the fruit plants are the large and luxurious labels with a fresh-looking and attractive design. Together with the silver-colored pot, it makes a great combination to give or receive as a gift. The labels are printed on PP 0.5 mm.
By choosing for a somewhat thicker variant of polypropylene, the label can easily be inserted into the click on the pot and stays nicely straight.

Are you also interested in a new label line? Or perhaps you want to expand your current line with a pot cover. Then contact one of our account managers. They are happy to discuss the options with you.