Project Description

Mathot Plants BV

Mathot Plants is a specialist in the Hydrangea Paniculata (panicle hydrangea) and is one of the organizations in the Netherlands with the most varieties. Jesper Mathot started at the age of fourteen at his father’s nursery in Reeuwijk. Here he used pieces of land and sold different types of plants. In 2006 he started renting part of the Lendert de Vos nursery on the Nieuweweg in Reeuwijk and in 2010 Jesper started completely for himself. He settled on the Spoelwijkerlaan in Boskoop, where Jesper Mathot Plants can still be found today. Over the years, there has been an increasing focus on specific species, making him a specialist in the following groups: Hydrangea, Lupine, Anemone and Lavatera.

Mathot currently owns two BVs: Mathot Young Plants BV and Mathot Plants BV. At Mathot Young Plants, plants are grown by approximately 8 different growers in Boskoop, the Limburg region and the Overijssel region. Mathot Plants is located in Boskoop, where there are approximately 450,000 to 500,000 available plants per year.

Pot covers applied to target group
The pot covers designed by Designstar have created a distinctive line. Pot sizes 12, 17 and 19 are especially interesting for retailers, so different covers have been designed for these products. The first potcover line was created 4/5 years ago. Jesper then consciously opted for sustainable recycled paper, which was also used for the following lines.

Last spring, Designstar developed two new lines for Mathot. For the Dutch market, a more luxurious and classic look of the pot cover has been chosen, and this pot cover has been well received. An intermediate line has been developed for customers in the Eastern Bloc, specially applied to this target group. For this design, fresh and lighter colors have been chosen. Especially in the bare spring, the product sells well through the pot cover. The Hydrangea is then still bare and consists mainly of twigs.

”The pot covers, developed by Designstar, create a gift for the customer, as it were” Jesper Mathot – Owner Mathot Plants

Jesper is very satisfied with the collaboration with Designstar. Because he already had in mind what he wanted in terms of design, he was critical and not immediately satisfied with the first design proposals. Thanks to good communication, several beautiful pot cover lines have been developed for the Hydrangeas.

”Designstar is a reliable partner with whom I like to do business. Thanks to the open communication with the contact persons, the short lines and the quick feedback, all my requests are handled properly and beautiful products have been realized.” Jesper Mathot – Owner Mathot Plants

A future plan of Mathot Plants is to start breeding different products so that a unique variety can be created. A new genetics that becomes more compact, fuller or larger. Mathot hopes to start this next year, so that a distinctive successful product can be launched on the market in 5 to 10 years.


  • Client: Jesper Mathot