Project Description

Labelline and photocards Plantagen®

Designstar has been making an important contribution to Plantagen for many years with an extensive series of photo cards and plant labels in the various languages. We work consistently in accordance with the guidelines of the Plantagen corporate identity to ensure a uniform appearance in all branches.

In addition to the production of, Designstar also takes care of a complex logistical task by ensuring that growers receive the right labels in time, as well as the garden centers the required package of photo cards.

This season various theme labels have also been added such as;
– the GYO, Grow Your Own, for fruit and vegetables in your own garden.
– a Deco series for indoor plants
see below some examples of these labels

Plantagen is the leading garden center organization in Norway, Sweden and Finland. In more than 110 garden centers, consumers can choose from a sophisticated assortment tailored to the local market. Plants and trees are essential here.

Visiters are cleary informed at the point of sale and per product.