Project Description

Cactuskwekerij Stolk

Cactuskwekerij Stolk specializes in growing different types of plants such as Aloë Arborescens, Euphorbia Trigona en Chlorophytum.

Stolk Decoration
Stolk has recently started its own Decoration line of pots. These pots ensure that the plants get a fresh and modern look and come into their own in every home. The pots have neutral colors and can also be combined well with each other.

Designstar and Cactuskwekerij Stolk
Cactuskwekerij Stolk was looking for a suitable label for this own line, which shows the brand ”Stolk Decoration” at a glance. Designstar then made a number of designs from which Cactuskwekerij Stolk could choose the most suitable design. The choice was then made for the label in the colors gray and white, which makes for a subtle but recognizable addition to the plants.

Do you also have a new product for which you would like to have a label or pot cover developed? Please contact one of Designstar’s account managers and inquire about the possibilities.