Project Description

‘Forest here & Forest there’

The World Wildlife Fund, IVN nature education, Intratuin Nederland and Tuinbranche Nederland have put together an easy-to-plant mini forest package for 3m² of garden with 9 native trees. For each package, 3 trees are planted by the World Wildlife Fund in the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil. A very nice initiative, to which Designstar was allowed to contribute with the development of the pot cover.

The campaign was a great success last year. That is why the parties have chosen to start the ‘Forest here & Forest there’ campaign again this year. The 9 native trees in the package are originally from the Netherlands. In addition, they are good for biodiversity and the trees are more resistant to climate change. This is of great importance, because Dutch nature is under pressure.

Because of the global deforestation, half of the world’s forests have been lost. Existing forests must be better protected and deforested areas must be sustainably restored to keep our planet livable. Therefore, for each mini forest package, 3 trees are planted in the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil. A special area with rare animal species, colorful birds and more than 400 different types of trees.

Durable PLM TOP material
It was decided to print the pot covers on our sustainable PLM TOP material. The base of this material is made from natural renewable raw materials (FSC) and is suitable for recycling and can be put in the wastepaper basket.

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