Project Description

Janssen Agro Plant

Janssen Agro Plant started in 1962 as a traditional agricultural and horticultural company with asparagus, strawberries, potatoes, sugar beets and grains. Over the years, the company has specialized in the cultivation of strawberry plants, early summer leeks and Christmas trees. Christmas trees have been grown for more than 25 years now and Janssen Agro Plant is a supplier of high-quality and various trees.

Apple, pear and cherry trees
Last winter, Janssen Agro Plant started the production of fruit trees in Air-pot. This concerned 13,000 fruit trees with a size of 80 by 20 cm. They produced apple, pear and cherry trees. This was the company’s first time to market fruit trees.

Design Designstar
In response to the fruit trees, Janssen Agro Plant asked Designstar to design appropriate labels. The intention was that the label would ensure that you would have a healthy appetite. In addition, the label had to contain a QR code that would show more information about the tree in question after scanning it. The flowering time, picking time, pruning time and fertilization could be displayed by using various icons and numbers.

Sustainability is a top priority at Janssen Agro Plant. That is why they have chosen to have the final design printed on PLM BIO material. This immediately gives the label a sustainable appearance.

Designstar has created three different concepts where Janssen Agro Plant has chosen the most suitable one. This has become the lightest variant in terms of colors. This suited the fruit trees best and immediately gave a fresh look & feel.

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