Project Description

Florizon Plants

Florizon Plants has been located in Mijdrecht since 2014. The two enthusiastic brothers Bram and Tim run the company and both have their own expertise. Bram is responsible for the organization and is involved in all matters related to commerce. He is also responsible for order picking. Tim, on the other hand, can literally be found in between the plants where he looks for the right information for all crops. You can think of which nutrients and potting soil mixes work best for the plants.

Florizon Plants is a young and dynamic company that specializes in growing visual plants and bedding plants. Everyone can contact Florizon. For example, large retailers know where to find the organization, but employees of the garden center around the corner also visit regularly. The range is therefore diverse: from Heucheras to Phlox, and from Sedum to Echinacea, there is plenty of choice at Florizon Plants.

In 2014 a nursery came up for sale. This was the moment when Bram, Tim and father Wijnand became owners of an old nursery. They have completely renovated the nursery themselves. They then started growing their first plants, mainly Astilbe. Today Astilbe still plays an important role. Own varieties are being developed and the big, full plants that are grown are very popular.

Always evolving
At Florizon you can find all kinds of varieties that are tested, these are mainly grown in pots 17,19 and 23cm. By testing a lot, Florizon is constantly developing and finding out which varieties they want to grow in large numbers.

Photography and website
Initially, Designstar developed the labels for Florizon. This went very well and Florizon was very satisfied with this. Due to this pleasant collaboration and the fact that Designstar can also make websites, an appointment has been scheduled with Bram. As a result, it was decided that Designstar will also develop a website for Florizon and take care of the photography. Tim and Bram thought it was important that the website would have a sleek and neat appearance and that mainly black and yellow colors would be used. It also had to be given a personal touch. Our photographer came by and made beautiful atmospheric images and photographed the owners in their own way. All in all, Designstar has come to a beautiful end product.

Florizon is very enthusiastic about the new website!