Project Description

Exclusive bio line for Air So Pure

Designstar and Air So Pure have intensified the collaboration. In addition to the existing labels, Designstar has developed an organic line for Air So Pure. The labels with cardboard look are produced on our completely organic material PLM BIO. The label support made out of bamboo makes the picture complete.
The plastic sleeves makes way for craft sleeves and a cardboard tray makes the line complete.

With this exclusive line, Air So Pure responds to the demand for more organic packaging materials. With this, Air So Pure offers an even wider package and strengthens its position in the market.

Designstar has a suitable material for all your needs. PLM BIO is the youngest (fully Organic) sister of the family and is already an outright hit. This pure Dutch material is moister proof and is therefore perfect for use in the floriculture sector.

Do you think about making your current label line more sustainable after reading this article? Or do you want to start with a second line, just like Air So Pure? We are happy to talk to you. Contact one of our account managers and inquire about the possibilities without obligation.

Marco van Leeuwen, brand manager at Air So Pure


  • Photography photo 1 and 2: Sven Bakker, VDE Plant

  • Client: Air So Pure

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