Project Description

Baumschule Straver

Baumschule Straver was founded in 1961 by Wilhelm Straver in Elten. At that time, the assortment mainly consisted of different types of conifers. The first clematis-varieties were added in the mid-eighties, the clematis were packed in simple fruit boxes for shipping. At the time, the clematis was one of the first container plants within the company.

On July 1 st, 1995, Adrian Straver took over the company from his parents. The tree nursery now had a wide range of clematis with more than 50 species. Other climbing plants such as Campsis, Parthenocissus, Lonicera ‘Henry’ and Hydrangea anomala were then added to the Straver Nursery collection. And also dwarf conifers such as: Juniperus horizontalis Glauca, Juniperus squamata Blue Star, Juniperus procumbens Nana, Pinus mugo pumilio, etc. were added.

Changes in sales
The sales have changed over the years. Until the year 2000, customers mainly consisted of garden centers, nurseries and trading companies. From the year 2000, the wholesale with cash and carry was added.

The next generation
In 2019 Wilhelm Straver’s grandson Steffen Straver took over the company together with his wife Ramona. More Hydrangea-varieties were added. Climbing plants and dwarf pines were no longer part of the assortment. By setting up extra soil and a modern container field with lava substructure, 40.000 hydrangeas in 7-liter containers were produced. Hydrangeas in other pot sizes and Prunus laurocerasus, Prunus lusitanica, Photinia, Viburnum, etc. were also added. Because Baumschule Straver strives to produce a high and constant quality, they propagate almost all plants themselves.

Collaboration with Designstar
In October 2021, Designstar was approached by Steffen Straver with the question whether Straver’s website could be renewed. As a result of this, a meeting was scheduled with both parties in November 2021 to thoroughly discuss how the website could be designed. The request was to have the current logo reflected in the look and feel of the website in terms of style and colors. As a result, red and black shades have been used. It was also important to add beautiful images of Straver’s products.

The communication between Baumschule Straver and Designstar went smoothly and pleasantly. In December, Designstar presented the first draft version of the new website. The reactions were very positive. In March 2022, the technical part was ready and the photos and texts were ready. Finally, at the explicit request of the customer, Designstar has made a link with FloraXchange.

The website is now live!

In addition to creating the website, Designstar also developed the logo and an entire label line for Straver.