Project Description

“Step by step” upgrade to a new concept

Designstar has been requested by Alkema Kwekerijen from Wervershoof to upgrade the P9 concept! Alkema Nurseries grows and distributes perennials and supplies garden centers all year round. In 2016, Walter and Sander Alkema came to Designstar with the desire to get more clarity and unity on the tables. Together we came up with an idea for a concept and Designstar’s designers have worked out this concept.

AK Colorful Concepts
In order to dress the garden center sales tables clearly and as a whole, it was decided to work with 6 different colors per plant group. The 6 colors, light yellow, dark yellow, green, blue, red and brown stand for the groups of spring flowering plants, butterfly friendly plants, rock plants, ground cover plants, summer flowering plants and the group of grasses, herbs and ferns.
These colors are clearly visible on the labels. Combined with the matching banners and photo cards, which state what the colors stand for, the table is fully decorated.
The labels are easy to click in the edge of the pot so that all labels are placed neatly next to each other. Perennials are not visually attractive at every stage, therefore it has been decided to show the decorative value of the plant on the labels.

Exclusive line
In addition to the colorful line, a separate line has also been set up for the more expensive perennials. These plants belong to the exclusive line. The labels and the accompanying promotional material of this line are set up in a black color, which immediately emphasizes exclusivity.

Modernize in phases
Switching to a new layout in one go can have consequences for the recognizability of your product. That is why this upgrade was carried out in two steps, so customers and consumers can get used to the new look. The first step was started in 2016 and recently the second step was implemented.

Alkema Kwekerijen is proud of its products, which is why the Alkema Kwekerijen logo is placed on every label so that it is always clearly recognizable where the plant comes from.

Various garden centers such as Garden Center Osdorp, Ranzijn Tuin en Dier and Garden Center Coppelmans are very positive about “Colorful Concepts“.

Margo Stové from Tuincentrum Osdorp: “Alkema and Designstar have succeeded in developing a clear and well-arranged concept. We see our customers shopping longer between the presentation tables, which increases sales and that naturally makes us happy.”

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