NEW! Looking for Designstar’s favorite, the Labelsupport®, in longer sizes? Labelcap® is your solution!

An absolute favorite in the mounting materials of Designstar is the Labelsupport®, your labels can be mounted in 4 different ways, so you can choose the right way of presenting for each product. The labels are all neatly arranged, which creates a calm look and feel on the shop floor, neat, sleek and uniform. The Label Support is available at Designstar in 2 sizes, 17cm and 25cm.

But growers of large plants are also increasingly seeing the benefits of the Labelsupport®. Recently, the desire for a Labelsupport® in a longer version has regularly emerged. Therefor we can present to you now, the Labelcap®.

The Labelcap® is a cap with the same studs as the Labelsupport® on which the labels can be attached. This cap can be placed on wooden sticks that are available in different sizes. This makes any desired stick length possible. Designstar has various lengths in stock in the sizes 40-60cm in the colors brown-black and natural, other lengths and colors are possible on request. The Labelcap® itself is made of black recycled PP, (other colors possible on request) so it is not only a practical one, but also a sustainable choice.

Do you want to opt for sustainable materials without compromising on quality and appearance? We would be happy to talk to you. Contact one of our account managers and inquire about the possibilities without obligation!